Lifewatch: Cyberknife

WILMINGTON -- Prostate cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, but beating it is not fun.

Now, there is a new option that can treat patients in just five days.

Cancer patients are excited about the Cyberknife because it is a non-invasive way to combine surgery and radiation.

Clayton Twigg is one of the first patients to have the state-of-the-art robot cure his prostate cancer.

"It was easy. The hard part was trying to lay still for 90 minutes," Twigg explained.

But, the device is so advanced it wouldn't matter if he moved.

"With this type of technology we can now target tumors that move when we breathe, such as our lungs or liver, kidneys or prostate," said Doctor Lee Ponsky.

A physics team maps where nearly 300 beams of radiation will enter and exit the prostate.

"It allows us to conform the radiation dose exquisitely to the prostate and minimize side effects to organs next to the prostate like the rectum or the bladder," said Dr. Douglas Einstein.

Even though this is the latest FDA approved treatment for prostate cancer, doctors are trying to find out if it can cure cancer faster and cause fewer side effects.

What normally would take eight weeks, the Cyberknife does in five days.

"So patients don't have to come in everyday for two months they can come in every day for five days and get the same equivalent radiation treatment," said Einstein.

The Cyberknife can be used for several different solid tumors around the body.  It may also help certain patients that are not candidates for surgery.

Reported by Kristy Ondo