The Steps to Replacing Former Brunswick County's Sheriff Ron Hewett

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Ron Hewett's picture is coming off the walls of the Sheriff's Department.  He resigned Tuesday, after being suspended from duty and charged with crimes.

Following his resignation, Hewett's name is not on the door.  Framed pictures and newspaper articles referencing the former sheriff have disappeared from the front lobby.

Cosmetic changes that don't' appear to affect those still on the job.

"They're still at the jail, on patrol, at the courthouse," said Huey Marshall.

The Executive Board of the County Democrats will choose the replacement for Hewett, a Democrat.

State law requires the County Commissioners to confirm the selection.

With the passing of Commissioner David Sandifer, there are two Democrats and two Republicans on the board, but there won't be a chance for a split decision.

County Republicans will fill Sandifer's empty seat by April 24, nearly two weeks before the Democrats tab Hewett's successor.

"Then there would be three Republicans and two Democrats, and leave out the possibility for a tie," said Marshall.

County Democrats have at least 18 people who are interested.  Even more can come forward in time for the May 10 meeting, but the Democrats are asking people who may want to be sheriff, to let them know as soon as possible.

With all the names of interested parties coming in, it will be up to the County Democrats to fill in the blank.

Reported by Joe Keiley