Sheriff Ron Hewett Resigns

Ron Hewett
Ron Hewett

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett resigned Tuesday.

Hewett had already been suspended from his job, after being accused of a long list of ethical and criminal violations.

Many officials said Tuesday's resignation didn't surprise them.  The focus now is to look ahead.

One sentence and a signature officially ended the 14 year reign of Sheriff Hewett.

Interim Sheriff Greg White told employees about Hewett's resignation at a staff meeting.

Hewett's resignation also started the 30 day clock for the Democratic committee to name a replacement.

At a closed door meeting, members discussed procedure and decided their choice will be announced on Saturday, May 10 at 10:00am.

Chief Deputy John Ingram is already surfacing as a possible nominee.

As Ingram and others vie for the spot of Brunswick County's top cop, Hewett will likely be working on his defense.  He is facing charges of embezzlement and obstruction of justice.

Ron Hewett will not be returning to the Sheriff's Department, but he will be back at the Brunswick County Courthouse.  According to officials, his criminal trial is scheduled to begin as soon as possible.

"He's had his first appearance and right to counsel, and he will be on trial for the next available administrative day," said Huey Marshall.

Meanwhile, the department and the Democratic Committee are looking ahead to a new leader for the remaining two years of Hewett's elected term cut short.

While the Petition for Removal issues have been resolved, Hewett still faces four felony charges in State Court, and an ongoing federal investigation by a Grand Jury in Raleigh.

They are scheduled to meet later this week.

To read a copy of the official press release, click here.

Reported by Kim Gebbia