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Bladen County Swap and Shop Raid

BLADEN COUNTY -- Bladen County deputies said a drug dealer was running a swap and shop  where you didn't have to have money to get drugs, just something of value or stolen.

Seven ATVs, four motorcycles, three lawn mowers, and two scooters all add up to one big Bladen County drug bust.

Sheriff Steve Bunn said Carl Matthew Bowen, Sr. ran a kind of swap and shop in East Arcadia.  People would cash in stolen property or stolen goods for a crack rock or prescription pills.

Deputies raided Bowen's garage on Friday.  He said they seized a warehouse full of stolen goods including: weapons, drugs, alcohol, and cash.

Six people from the East Arcadia area are behind bars.  As they await trial, investigators are trying to return the stolen property to their rightful owners.

Bowen is being held on a $126,000 secured bond.


Reported by Kelli O'Hara

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