Lifewatch: Pregnancy and Seatbelts

WILMINGTON -- Buckling up saves lives, but for moms-to-be using a seatbelt can be challenging.

A new study looks at why getting buckled in can save even the smallest lives.

Driving while pregnant is more dangerous than you may realize.

According to Dr. Mark Pearlman of the University of Michigan, nearly 370 fetuses die as a result of car crashes each year.

Dr. Pearlman teamed up with the university's transportation research institute to study dozens of crashes involving pregnant women.

They found among six women who were improperly restrained, three fetuses died.  Among the ten pregnant women who didn't have a seatbelt on, eight fetuses died or had severe complications.

Some pregnant woman may not wear a seatbelt because it is a snug fit.

"You think about that because it goes right across the middle and I think her head is there her head is down so if someone pulled tight on that it's wouldn't be good you wouldn't think," said Robin Schwartz who is pregnant.

The University of Michigan is starting a new campaign called "Safe Babi." It's an acronym that stands for "seatbelts are for everyone, buckle all babies in."

According to researchers, if pregnant women buckled up every single time, 200 fetuses a year would be saved.

Reported by Kristy Ondo