Greg White is Acting Brunswick County Sheriff

WILMINGTON -- Coroner Greg White will be the acting Brunswick County Sheriff while Hewett is suspended.

But White's office isn't at the Government Complex or in the jail, you have to go inside the Peakcock-Newnam and White Funeral Home to find him.

White has been the Brunswick County Coroner for the past 23 years.

That title makes him the next highest elected official behind Ron Hewett.

White has been the acting sheriff since Hewett was suspended, Thursday, March 27.  He has no law enforcement training, but he has been in this position before.

"Former Sheriff John Carter Davis announced his retirement.  Hewett had been elected, but there were 8 to 10 days in between," said White.

The coroner monitors a two way radio to keep a close ear on what the deputies are dealing with.

White may not be in the office full time, but he said he does stop by twice a day: once in the morning and again in the evening.  Each time he walks through the doors and sees Hewett's name, he has mixed emotions.

"Your first and foremost concern is for the citizens of Brunswick County. We have to go forward and represent the citizens of this county.  They know they have got a job to do, but it is awkward," said White.

He said the department is still running smoothly without Hewett.

Now, it appears that White will be in charge from his office at the funeral home until at least May 5.

Reported by Sarah Warlick