Sheriff Ron Hewett Has Been Indicted

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A Grand Jury met Monday morning and decided to indict Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett on four counts.  Then, a judge took away his weapons.

Hewett said little publicly during court, but his face and emotions spoke loudly.

Sheriff Hewett was indicted on three counts of felony embezzlement by a public official and one count of obstruction of justice.

Superior court judge Ola Lewis told Hewett he must give up all his guns and not talk to his employees as a result of these four felony indictments.

Count 1:embezzlement by a public official.  Prosecutor Rex Gore says Hewett had deputies make his campaign signs while on duty.

Count 2: embezzlement. Hewett is accused of having a deputy stand guard at this home while his driveway was paved.

Count 3:embezzlement.  Hewett is accused of asking his deputies to remove 52 trees from his property

Count 4: Obstruction of justice.  A detective said Hewett asked her not to charge one of his distant relatives with a crime.

The Brunswick County Sheriff said nothing in court, sitting silently by himself for a time, nodding to familiar faces.

The testimony that led to the criminal indictments also prompted District Attorney Rex Gore to temporarily remove Hewett from office last week.

A hearing to determine if Hewett should permanently be removed from office has been postponed until May 5.

Hewett will remain suspended until that hearing takes place.

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Reported by Kelli O'Hara