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Services offered by Hospice of Lower Cape Fear

What services does Hospice of the Lower Cape Fear provide?
-Nursing care
-Physician care
-Medical social services and counseling
-Chaplain services
-Volunteer assistance
-Personal care by nurse aide
-Prescription drugs for pain and symptom control that are related to the terminal illness
-Medical supplies and equipment
-Continuous care during periods of crisis by a nurse aide, licensed practical nurse or registered nurse depending upon the patient's required level of care
-Short-term inpatient care for symptom control, respite care or care when death is imminent
-Grief education and counseling
-Education about End-of-Life care choices

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Hospice Care

    Hospice offers support and health care in the last phases of incurable disease so individuals may live as fully and comfortably as possible. The hospice focus is on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families during illness, death and bereavement.More >>
  • When Hospice Becomes A Home

    Short-term medical and respite care for hospice patients is provided in a comfortable, home-like environment.  Private patient and family suites and comfortable living areas help to meet the needs of  patients, visiting loved ones and families. More >>
  • Hospice of the Lower Cape Fear Volunteer Program

    Volunteers are involved in all facets of hospice care and services.   Click here to learn about the different areas you can volunteer in.More >>
  • Upcoming Events

    Click here to view our upcoming calendar of events at Hospice of Lower Cape Fear. More >>
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