Timeline of Hewett's Career

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The Brunswick County native's long record in law enforcement tarnished in June of 2007 when the US Attorney's office subpoenaed records from Hewett's office dating back 7 years.

Officials had bank records, credit card records, telephone accounts, computers, and the list goes on.

Thirty-six people were put on a potential witness list including his family, dozens of deputies, supporters, and acquaintances.

As the proceeding dragged on, Hewett maintained his innocence.

Hewett was a former Holden Beach police officer, and was first elected sheriff in 1994.  When he was elected sheriff, he was the youngest in North Carolina history.

He appeared to be a law man's law man, outspoken and never one to shy away from the spotlight, but that changed as the grand jury dug deeper.

When asked by a reporter about his feelings on the charges he said he's "rather not talk about it anymore."

Reported by Kelli O'Hara