Topsail Humane Society May Get New Home

PENDER COUNTY -- A plan to give the Topsail Humane Society a new home in the Hampstead area was presented to County Commissioners Monday night.

Commissioner Ribenbark said he received more calls and emails about this issue than any other in his 12 years in office.

Monday night, the commissioners approved the first step for the shelter to move to Hampstead.

One side passed out puppy faced neon shirts, while the other stuck together with R-20 (residential zoning) stickers.

The Pender County Commissioners voted to rezone 12 acres of land near Highway 211, surrounded by homes and neighborhoods.

The parcel will likely be the future home of the Topsail Humane Society.

Residents near the proposed site are concerned that the society's dozens of stray dogs will bring down the property value in the area.

Many residents believe all of Pender's strays could find a more suitable home somewhere else.

According to representatives from the Humane Society, there will be a buffer of woods surrounding the building, and they promise the furry faces will not only make good pets, but good neighbors.

Representatives from the Topsail Humane Society must now get a special use permit from the commissioners to begin building.

Opponents plan to try and stop that from going through.

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Reported by Kim Gebbia