Lifewatch: Snoring

WILMINGTON -- Half of us deal with snoring every night, but one doctor claims a procedure can stop the snoring for many people.

Sawing logs leads to groggy days for the person snoring, and the one forced to listen to the noise.

Henry and Ann Roberts are in love.  They are in love with each other, and now in love with a guy who wears a lamp on his head.

Two and a half years ago, the two could not get a good night's sleep.  Loud snoring left Ann awake and Henry with sleep apnea, which caused high blood pressure, anxiety, and constant sluggishness.

Then, Dr. Craig Schwimmer put a little medical gun inside Henry's mouth and shot little plastic pillars into his uvula.

"It took about 5 minutes," said Henry.

Henry said he hasn't snored one night since.

"Once he got this it was just fabulous," said Ann.

Before he had the procedure done, Henry tried several expensive gadgets - all that were more expensive than the $2,000 he spent on the pillar procedure.

Dr. Schwimmer, who was a highly respected head and neck surgeon before becoming a highly respected gun-toting snoring guru, performs 25% of all pillar procedures in the world.

"We realized that if you simply informed people that there were options that were more convenient, made more sense in their lives, they would respond," said Dr. Schwimmer.

According to Dr. Schwimmer, the procedure works for nine out of ten patients.  Dr. Craig Schwimmer is based out of Texas.

If you would like to have the procedure done locally, Coastal Carolina Ear Nose and Throat performs this procedure.  The cost starts at $1500.  They are located in Whiteville as well as Sunset Beach.

Coastal Carolina ENT

302 Liberty St

Whiteville, NC



850 Sunset Blvd.

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Reported by Krsity Ondo