Does it Work: Sound

WILMINGTON --  Maybe you remember old ads for a gadget that allowed you to see through clothing and walls, but of course it didn't work.  Now there's a new device that promises the ability to hear and perhaps spy on people who don't want you listening.

Listen Up is a personal amplifier that promises to let you hear what people are saying from across a room, watch tv without disturbing others, and hear a pin drop from across a room.

The manufacturer claims it will allow you to hear whispers from 100 feet so we attached the device to the camera to see how the results will turn out.  WECT's Laura Sinacori tried talking from 50 feet away, but all the device could hear was silence.

Watching tv didn't work as well as promised because the personal amplifier isn't directional.  It would have to be at a reasonable volume to be able to hear the tv, which could disturb someone if they are close by, trying to concentrate on something else.

The makers of this device also claim you can hear a pin drop from across the room.  For this test, Sinacori went into a quiet place, and was surprised that it worked.

The closer you are to someone, the more amplified they are.  When you are further away you pick up more background noise which makes it more difficult to decipher who or what you are listening to.

Reported by Laura Sinacori