Does It Work: Space Bags

WILMINGTON --  A plastic bag and a vacuum cleaner put together make the Space Bag.

Space Bags promise to triple your Storage space, keep out Bugs, Dust, mildew, and Odors, and stay airtight & Watertight.

First we took a plastic storage bag and put the contents in the Space Bag.  After a few seconds of vacuuming the items were smaller, but make sure to put your items in flat or they can form an odd shaped bag.

As promised when we took out the items, they weren't compressed anymore. The zipper top broke off of the bag, but you can easily clip it back on and the bag works.

For a harsher test we put several towels into the bag and took it outside to see how it holds up against water, dirt, and small rocks.

When we opened the bag, the towels were just as dry and clean as they were when we put them in the bag.

Space bags say they can withstand many temperatures and odor, so what happens if they are frozen.

We left the bag in the freezer for over an hour, and when Laura opened the bag the towels were still dry and smelled good.

But, the top of the bag ripped a little, so make sure not to overstuff the bag.

Overall space bags seem to shrink what's in your closet.  Depending on the size, they cost about $5 a piece.

Reported by Laura Sinacori