Lifewatch: Prescription Medications

WILMINGTON -- Drug name confusion is on the rise, which means there is a higher chance of putting something different than what you think into your body.

There are millions of prescription drugs on the market, so make sure to check the drug label when you pick it up.

US Pharmacopeia, the organization that sets national standards for drugs, looked at 10% of the nation's hospitals and found 26,000 cases of confusion over a four year period.

Of those patients, 1.4% were harmed; some fatally.

The mix up happens when sound-alike drugs replace the actual prescription.

"People should know what they're taking, what it looks like. As a nurse practitioner, I ask people what they're on and they don't know, 'a blue one, a pink one and a white one' and they don't know," said Jennifer Klein, a nurse practitioner.

For your own good, make sure you know drugs you are taking.

Reported by Kristy Ondo