Lifewatch: Kitchen Clutter

WILMINGTON -- Tempting foods, office snacks, and not having enough time to go to the gym are all dieting roadblocks.

Now, studies show a cluttered kitchen can make you gain weight.

A kitchen with unorganized papers and junk stacked high on countertops can increase your chances of putting on pounds because disorganization can cause undue stress.

"Stress induces the hormone cortisol. It's like a domino affect. Cortisol elevates your blood sugar levels, therefore insulin is produced to help regulate your blood sugar," said Donna Butler a nutritional health counselor.

That stress makes you hungry.

Studies show organizing your kitchen, cleaning out your cloest, or tidying your office can improve your health becuase your stress levels are lower.

"Unclutter anything that is gonna go from here into your mouth or that's going to affect your level of awareness here on the surface," said Butler.

If you can't get organized, try keeping some healthy food choices in your fridge for when the clutter cravings strike.

Reported by Kristy Ondo