Szechuan Buffet's Notorious Past

WILMINGTON -- The Szechuan Buffet's notorius past has diners disgusted.

In June 2007, the Health Department closed down the restaurant after an inspector saw sushi being prepared on a garbage can.

WECT was able to obtain a video that shows a disturbing look into the kitchen.  It shows a worker stomping garlic with his feet.  Another man, is seen putting flounder that fell on the floor back into mix of food to be prepared for customers.

"They leave everything on the floor, they always say no problem," said former Szechuan Buffet employee Jose Valios.

Reporter Joe Keiley spoke with the managers of the restaurant to see how things have changed since the video.

The managers talked about their sparkling health score of 100.5 since the business reopened.

The Health Department shut down the restaurant for ten days in June 2007, but never saw the tape until we showed it to them.

Inspectors examined the video, but declined to comment on camera.

Owners claim Valios holds a grudge because he was fired after the buffet closed.

Reported by Joe Keiley