Brunswick County Sheriff's Grand Jury Proceedings Begin

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Wednesday was the first day of more grand jury proceedings regarding the continuing investigation into the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Ron Hewett.

Sheriff Hewett himself was not served a subpoena to appear, but at least seven deputies have been served and are being called to Raleigh on Wednesday and Thursday.

The exact nature of the investigation remains under wraps, but a copy of the latest subpoena served to the sheriff's office details more of what files and information is being asked for.

The sheriff's office has been asked to turn over a variety of documents and records pertaining to more than two dozen people, including department employees and Hewett's own family members.

Some of the requested documents concern any compensation given to the inmate work crews, some of it focusing on work done by that group during a 16-day period in October.

Some of the requested records stretch as far back as January 1, 2000.

The subpoena says that the relevant parties served are to appear Wednesday and Thursday in Raleigh.

But until any of the individuals involved speak out, we won't know what kind of questions are being asked inside the grand jury room.

Reported by Joe Keiley