Consider This: North Carolina's Late Presidential Primary

So, have you had your fill of political news yet? Well, strap in! This is just the start!! We've just lived through the longest ramp-up to an election year in history, and the election year has only begun.

The Iowa Caucus was last week; the Wyoming Republican Primary was last weekend; and the smoke has barely cleared from the New Hampshire Primary. The good news is you couldn't ask for a more exciting election year - there's a huge crop of candidates; they're the most diverse field of presidential hopefuls ever; and, thankfully, there's no clear-cut leader in either party.

The bad news is that almost every other state holds its presidential primary election or caucus before the end of March. North Carolina's presidential primary isn't until May 6. Before we even get a chance to vote, many qualified candidates will have abandoned their campaigns because the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina didn't support them. By the time we go to the polls, most states will have already cast their ballots and, most likely, each party's nominated candidate will have already been selected. Essentially, other states around the country select the two nominees to run for president while we get left with the products of their wisdom.

Last February, a bill was introduced in the NC Senate to move our Presidential Primary to the first Tuesday of February. It was referred to the Judiciary Committee and it's sat there ever since. It's too late for 2008, but we need to make sure action is taken in Raleigh before the 2012 presidential election.

North Carolinians deserve the opportunity to help select our presidential candidates and participate in setting the national agenda.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.