Parent Organizes Petition to Remove Gilbert From Office

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A Brunswick County parent is organizing a petition to remove Ray Gilbert from the county school board.

Calabash resident Tracey Danka has over 100 signatures on a petition. She says that she will be sending it to the attorney general on Friday. Danka spent the past few days collecting signatures at a Wal-Mart and in front of Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School where she is a member of the PTA. Gilbert, coincidently, was the president of the PTA at that school.

Danka says that she expects to see Gilbert out of office sometime soon.

"My issue is I don't want him to be a moral compass for my children. You walk into any of our schools, or any building that is owned by the school district, there are six pictures hanging there. One is his. My children, I assume, think of him as a safe haven, this is somebody they can trust," explained Danka

With Ray Gilbert's children attending Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary, some people werent too thrilled with Danka being out here getting names for her petition. Especially, Gilbert's attorney, Edwin West.

"What concerns me is the way that this has been done. Ms. Danka has the right to express her views, but she is creating a hostile environment for the Gilbert children. It is very irresponsible," explained West.

Danka says that she didn't do anything to Gilbert's family, she added that he chose to do this to them.

Danka will be sending the petition to the attorney general on Friday, hoping all the signatures will trigger action.

Reported by Max Winitz