Pink Pack Letter

Dear Pink Pack Member,

Welcome to the pack!  It is our hope that as a Pink Pack Pal, you'll help us remind friends and family members to do the important breast self-exam.  Your Pink Pack contains illustrations that show you how to do the monthly self-exam.

Breast self-examination is the first step in a very important three-part program for the early detection of breast cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health, the other two steps are breast examination by a physician and routine screening mammography.

WECT is proud to partner with New Hanover Regional Medical Center in providing this Pink Pack to you.  As Southeastern North Carolina's number one ranked television station and as the region's leading healthcare provider, we are certain we'll reach thousands of women with the hope of saving lives.

Here's how our Pink Pack Pal system works:

~Designate a Pink Pal

~Place our Pink Pack magnet on your refrigerator.  Ask your Pink Pal to do the same.

~Once a month, WECT will remind you to call your Pink Pal and remind her to do her breast self-exam.

Remember to do your exam on the same day.

Be sure to watch WECT News on the 6th of each month for your monthly reminders.  We'll also feature interviews with local breast cancer survivors, women dealing with the disease, and physicians who help treat it.  Our goal is to help find breast cancer early until there is a cure.  Early detection saves lives!

Here's to your good health!

Frances Weller

WECT Anchor, Pink Pack Spokesperson

Jack Barto

President/CEO/New Hanover Regional Medical Center