Wilmington's Oldest Hardware Store

WILMINGTON -- The Stevens Hardware store on Castle Street is not only the oldest in Wilmington, but it is also one of the oldest in North Carolina.

A few years ago, owner Jim Stevens expanded his business by purchasing a new store on Dawson Street in attempt to keep up with the competition.

"If we weren't competitive, we wouldn't be in business.  You have to be," said Stevens.

Although Stevens Hardware is smaller than competitors Home Depot and Lowes, it stands as competition because it has been around for more than seven decades.

Stevens contributes the success of his store to the people who work in it.

"Our biggest asset are the high quality employees we have.  As you walk through the door, everyone says, 'Hello, may I help you.'  If you need something, they will walk you to the item throughout the store.  They don't just point and click and say it's there," said Stevens.

Stevens enjoys running the store too much to step down anytime soon.

When he does decide to step down, he's confident his sons can keep the business competitive for another 75 years.