Ray Gilbert's Restraining Order Extended

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- At a hearing on Friday, a Brunswick County judge extended the restraining order against Brunswick County School Board member Ray Gilbert to one year.

At the hearing, Yvonne Hankins, the West Brunswick High Secretary who filed the order, took to the witness stand.

She revealed how she began a sexual relationship with Gilbert, a married man.

She expanded on the details that were put down in the original restraining order, adding that Gilbert once said to her "If I can't have you no one can."

Hankins went on to say she saw a side of Ray Gilbert that no one else has seen and that scared her.

Several others took to the stand to back up Hankins claim that Gilbert had threatened her.

Gilbert's wife Sheila was on the stand and said that in 15 years of marriage, her husband had never been violent.

Gilbert's attorney Mac Tyson tried to get the hearing dismissed, arguing that because the conversation that scared Hankins took place in Little River, South Carolina, it was out of a Brunswick County court's jurisdiction.

Judge Jolly did not agree with the motion and ended up handing down the decision that keeps Gilbert away from Hankins for a full year.

Hankins and her attorney said they hope this is over and done with.

Gilbert and his attorney plan to appeal the decision.

Gilbert is also banned from all Brunswick County Schools and school property unless he has to be on the property for board business or is picking up his own kids.