Animal Shelter to Get Cooled Off

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- By the time it's needed, air conditioning will be pumping to keep animals at a local shelter cooled off.

Back in August, the Brunswick County Animal Shelter failed an inspection, largely because it was more than 85 degrees inside the facility.

By law 85 degrees is the maximum temperature and 55 degrees is the minimum.

The shelter has heating units, and now thanks to approval from county commissioners, it will soon have AC units as well.

County leaders spent $31,000 on the project.

Brunswick County Health Director Donald Yousey says the money is coming from left over revenue from a pediatric health program. Yousey knows that some people are questioning the decision for all that money to go toward the shelter.

The shelter's director, Richard Cooper, is thrilled.

"We are very happy we are getting the air conditioning installed, and we are moving along as quickly as possible on it. We hope to have it done by January sometime, and have it up and running," explained Cooper.

Cooper says he hopes other shelters in the area will find the money to follow suit.

Currently, the New Hanover County Animal Shelter does not have AC.

Reported by Max Winitz