Wilmington Remembers Frank Capra Jr.

WILMINGTON -- Below are comments people have made about the Wilmington Film Legend Frank Capra Jr. If you would like to comment, please send your remarks to newsroom@wect.com.

"I never met Frank in person, although I always wanted to.  My mother informed me quite a number of years ago that her sister had married one of Frank's nephews (Dr. Sam Capra).  They were living in California at the time.  They have since moved to Florida, because that is where my mother's family was from.  I am sorry to hear of your loss.  May the family find comfort knowing that Frank made so many people happy."

Cindy Williams Wilmington, NC

"When I first moved here in 2001, I called Frank to introduce myself and asked him if he had time to have lunch with me.  I figured a man of his stature would probably brush me off but on the contrary he said "Sure, when and where." He told me that I was the first person from the Hilton who had ever invited him to lunch and he really appreciated me calling him.  I knew from that first call he was a special person.  I had the privilege of sitting with Frank on many occasions from our first meeting and was always flattered that he found time for me.  He was one of the most humble people I have ever met and I will truly miss him.  His contributions to this community are immeasurable and his legacy will live on through every movie, TV pilot and commercial filmed here in the Port City.  I will truly miss Frank."

Barry Eagle, Area Director of Sales and Marketing Hilton Wilmington Riverside/Riverview Suites Shell Island Oceanfront Suites

"I met Mr. capra several times while working as an extra on "Black Knight".  He ocassionaly would come down to the set to take pictures.  On many nights after shooting while the extras were turning in their props, etc. he would be with us just talking as one of the guys.  Often times helping others with their many articles of clothing.  I am the richer for having met this man.  With all respects for his family's loss."

Dominick Dellaripa