Ethics Panel to Hold Public Hearing Regarding Wright

WILMINGTON -- There are new developments in the Thomas Wright investigation.

The ethics panel investigating the Wilmington Democrat has found enough evidence to hold a public hearing.

House Speaker Joe Hackney said Wednesday that the legislative ethics committee will probably meet in February. If the panel recommends removing the indicted legislator from office, the full house would vote on the punishment.

Democratic Party Activist Linda Pearce says the search is on for someone to take Wright's place.

"I think the districts are about to change in the next few years and generally we do not get the representation that's why the districts were formed the way they were so I think it should be another african american to fill the position," said Linda Pearce, CEO of Elderhaus.

Wilmington Democrat Hollis Briggs, an African American, has already said he wants to run for Wright's seat.

Reported by Kim Gebbia