Consider This: Sustainable Table: What's On Your Plate?

You may recall that WECT sponsored the 1st Annual "Scene First Student Film Festival" this past May.

Dozens of great student films were screened here in Wilmington, and the event was so successful we're going to support it again this coming March.

One film I screened, a documentary produced and directed by Mischa Hedges when he was a student at Chapman University, held particular meaning for me. It was "Sustainable Table: What's On Your Plate?" a feature documentary about America's agricultural industry and food system.

"Sustainable Table" shows you what goes into the food that you eat, what the health, environmental and social effects are, and introduces some of the alternatives to conventionally-produced food. Its message is clear. We need a different kind of food system in this country, where food is produced locally using sustainable methods.

It made me re-think my food choices. It was so meaningful and informative that WECT is going to air it this Sunday at noon, and make it available for viewing on the WECT Web-Cast on

If you have questions about the food you eat and the techniques used in factory farming, watch it and it will make you re-think your food choices as well. If enough of us become informed, we can initiate important changes in how our food is produced and dramatically improve our health in the process.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think. (kd)