State Rep. Thomas Wright Indicted

RALEIGH -- Wake County prosecutor Colon Willoughby says a grand jury has indicted Democratic state Rep. Thomas Wright on five counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.

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Wake County prosecutor Colon Willoughby says Wright is expected to make an initial court appearance in the next few days. Willoughby says he does not expect to charge anyone else in the case.

Investigators have been trying to determine if Wright tried to purchase property backed by an apparently false guarantee of state funds. The fraud counts are formally known as obtaining property by false pretense.

WECT reports that Wright left his Wilmington home in a sport utility vehicle without a comment.

Several of Wright's fellow legislators had comments of their own.

"Thomas has been a good legislator, at times. I don't know what happens to people. Power and money just gets to them," said State Representative Dewey Hill.

"It's really sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family,"explained State Representative Danny McComas.

"It's disappointing anytime an elected official is accused of wrongdoing, but the allegations in this case date back several years and don't reflect on the many good things we did this past legislative session. I look forward to continuing to move ahead and doing the people's business in a way that will make them proud," said Speaker Joe Hackney regarding Wright.

"I don't think the indictment comes as surprise to anyone.  It's unfortunate that he did not step down when asked so this cloud could be lifted off of the legislature and Wilmington .  The people he is suppose to represent have had no representation in the house this session," explained North Carolina Senator Julia Boseman.

Just hours after the announcement of Wright's indictment, Senator Boseman asks, again, on WECT News at 5 for NC Representative Thomas Wright to resign.

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