Gilbert Banned From All County Schools

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The Brunswick County School Board met on Friday evening to discuss board member conduct and safety issues.

The board member in question was Ray Gilbert.

After a very brief five minute meeting, the board decided to pass a resolution that bans board member Ray Gilbert from all Brunswick County schools and school property unless he has to be on the property for board business or is picking up his own kids.

All the board members including Gilbert voted on the resolution, and Gilbert was the only vote against the resolution.

The Brunswick County School Board member has a restraining order filed against him by Yvonne Hankins, a West Brunswick High secretary who says she entered into a sexual relationship with Gilbert, a married man.

A hearing set for last week regarding the restraining order taken out against Brunswick County School Board member Ray Gilbert was postponed.

Judge Marion Warren was scheduled to hear the case, but excused himself because he has social connections to Gilbert and has kids in the school district.

The conditions in the restraining order remain in effect until the new hearing; the conditions include barring Gilbert from three county schools.

If there are no schedule changes, Chief District Court Judge Jerry Jolly will hear the case December 21.

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Reported by Joe Keiley