Restraining Order Filed Against School Board Member

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A Brunswick County School Board member has been banned from from three schools because of a restraining order filed against him.

Ray Gilbert, an often outspoken member of the school board is expected in court on Friday for a hearing on whether the restraining order can be extended.

The order was taken out by a woman who claims she had a sexual relationship with Gilbert, who is a married man.

The order was filed by West Brunswick secretary Yvonne Hankins. It bars Gilbert from West Brunswick High School where Hankins works, along with Virginia Williamson Elementary and South Brunswick High, the schools her children attend.

According to Hankins, Gilbert said some things to her that prompted her to file a restraining order and end the relationship.

Hankins detailed in the order that "then he asked me if he goes down will I go down with him and was I afraid to die and would I die with him."

The school district did offer a comment of their own on Thursday.

"This is a matter to be decided by the courts. My focus and that of our staff is on the instruction of our students," said Superintendent Dr. Katie McGee.

In a telephone conversation, Hankins said that she has nothing to hide but declined further comment before she spoke with her attorney.

The restraining order also required Ray Gilbert to turn over his firearms and the presence of those guns is one of the reasons Hankins feared for her safety.

WECT tried to speak with Gilbert but he did not return any phone calls.

Reported by Joe Keiley