Consider This: Vote Next Week!

Next Tuesday, November 6, more than 150 seats are up for election in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Columbus and Bladen counties, and those seats include mayors, councilmen, commissioners, aldermen and trustees; people running to represent your best interests for the future.

If the turnout for the City of Wilmington municipal election on October 9 is any indication, fewer than one in four eligible voters will go to the polls. That means seventy-five percent of eligible voters will allow the other twenty-five percent to decide who will be leading our counties, cities and towns. Frankly, that kind of voter apathy is pathetic.

Educate yourself about the candidates and the issues, and vote next Tuesday. It's one of the most important things you can do for your family's future. If you don't, you'll have no reason to complain about the outcome.

Next Tuesday is also the City of Wilmington runoff election for the remaining two council seats.

The runoff will cost the city $100,000, the turnout will undoubtedly be smaller than the twenty-four percent that originally voted,  and if the city adopted instant runoff balloting, it would be totally unnecessary.

Before the next municipal election, the city needs to petition the state legislature to allow Wilmington to use instant runoff balloting,  they've already approved it for Cary and Hendersonville.

While they're at it, they should also move the date of the municipal election to November like the rest of our communities in a move to improve voter turnout.

Let's hope Mayor Saffo and the Wilmington City Council see the wisdom in making those changes.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think. (kd)