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Consider This: Duke Lacrosse Aftermath

The Duke Lacrosse case continues to make headlines.

You remember the story.  In March of 2006, a college student working as a stripper accused three members of the Duke Lacrosse team of rape.

They were indicted for rape, sexual offense and kidnapping. Duke University suspended the remainder of lacrosse season and the coach was forced to resign.

Six months later, the case was in shambles. Durham County DA, Mike Nifong, dropped the rape charges against the players, but continued prosecution on the other charges. Shortly after that, the North Carolina Bar Association filed ethics charges against Nifong for violating rules of professional conduct.

Then, this April, Attorney General Roy Cooper dismissed the charges against the Duke players, declared them innocent, and called Nifong a "rogue prosecutor." Nifong was disbarred, convicted of criminal intent, and served a one-day jail sentence.

End of story?

Not by a long shot. Since then Duke University settled with the players and coach, and Duke President Brodhead apologized publicly. Now, the players and coach are filing civil rights suits against Nifong, the City of Durham, and the Durham Police; the coach is again suing the University for breaking the terms of their agreement.

In a twist of irony, Nifong asked the state to pay his legal bills to fight these civil rights actions. The state has appropriately refused that request.

So what about the alleged victim? The Attorney General has no plans to pursue charges against her, in spite of the fact that her false accusation damaged three players and a coach, brought down a DA, cost Duke University an untold amount of money and resulted in civil rights cases filed against Durham, its police, and a number of others.

Something's very wrong with a justice system that allows this kind of aftermath from one individual's false accusation.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think. kd

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