Polls Close in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- The polls have closed and the new Wilmington mayor and three city council seats will be announced shortly.

There are three candidates hoping to fill the position of Wilmington mayor. Current Mayor Bill Saffo is up against former Wilmington mayor Harper Peterson and newcomer Justin LaNasa.

Also on the ticket is city council. There are 12 candidates and three open seats. Incumbents Pat Delair and Laura Padgett hope to keep their position in city council, but they are up against ten other candidates. The 12 candidates for city council include Pat Delair, Laura Padgett, Susan E. Clarke, Jeff Kohl, Ricky Meeks, Kristi Tomey, Michael DeHart, Kevin Delahunty, Chuck Denson Jr., Andrew Koeppel, Ronald Sparks and J. Todd Turner.

Hot issues in this election are the fate of the convention center and the sewer system.

Polls opened on Tuesday morning at 6:30 and will close at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Click here for a polling place near you.

While exact voter turnout numbers are unknown, election officials say that voter turnout seems to be about average or slightly above average.

Check back after 7:30 p.m. for results.

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