Craig's Lawyer Confident He Can Continue Job

WASHINGTON -- Senator Larry Craig's lawyer says he's confident the Idaho lawmaker can continue in his job because his guilty plea in a sex sting was only to a misdemeanor.

Stanley Brand tells NBC's "Today Show" that in the Senate's 220-year history, no one's been disciplined for a misdemeanor not connected to official duties.

Craig initially said he planned to step down by the end of last month after his guilty plea became public. But yesterday, he vowed to serve out the last 15 months of his term -- after a judge rejected his effort to withdraw that plea.

That decisions has left Republicans with the choice of pressuring Craig to leave or basically ignoring him for months.

Meanwhile, the bipartisan Senate ethics panel is gearing up for possible hearings into Craig's case, a step requested by Republican leaders when they were trying to persuade the senator to step down.

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