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Animal Shelter Information

"Adopt A Shelter Pet Month" - Shelter Info

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Adopt-an-Angel - Assists municipal shelters (Animal Controls) by providing satellite adoption sites thereby increasing the number of animals adopted, to educate the public about the necessity of spaying and neutering and to educate about the plight of homeless animals in our community. (official site)

Brunswick County Animal Services - Adoptions, Rabies Awareness and Education. Dog fighting is a felony and BCAS offers a reward of up to $3000.00 for information leading to felony convictions. (official site)

CAPS-Carolina Animal Protection Society  - A non-profit society dedicated to saving Onslow County dogs and cats that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. (official site)

Cat Adoption Team - A no-kill, state-inspected non-profit foster care rescue group who takes in strays, semi-feral, abandoned, previously owned and neglected cats.  They give them love, shelter, food, rehabilitation, and medical care.  The cats are all spayed or neutered and vaccinated prior to being placed.

Cat Tails: Cat Adoption Services - A non-profit organization comprised of dedicated, cat-loving people who have come together to benefit the feline population in Brunswick County. (official site)

Columbus County Animal Shelter - A shelter that promotes spaying and neutering for the welfare of animals. This shelter has many cats and dogs available for adoption. Adoption fee includes rabies vaccination.

Columbus Humane Society - A non-profit organization established to: promote responsible pet ownership; reduce numbers of unwanted animals by encouraging pet owners to spay or neuter; improve conditions at the Columbus County Animal Shelter; and provide more opportunities for adoptions. (official website)

Compassion in Action - A network of foster homes for abused and/or neglected rescued animals that rehabilitates and finds loving homes for homeless animals.

Cumberland County Animal Control - Their mission is to provide the citizens of Cumberland County with effective and cost efficient Animal Control Services by active enforcement of State and local laws, the humane sheltering and disposal of stray and unwanted animals, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Duplin Animal Rescue Team (DART) - An adoption group that works with the Duplin County Animal Shelter to help improve conditions and increase adoptions.

Duplin County Humane Society - Promotes spaying and neutering, vaccinating, providing animal care, and companion animal welfare.

New Hanover County Animal Control Services - Their mission is to protect the community from the threat of rabies virus exposure and to ensure proper animal care through prevention, public perception and education. (

New Hanover Humane Society - Dedicated to improving the lives of homeless and unwanted companion animals by providing temporary shelter while finding loving and responsible permanent homes. (Official website)

The Norman P. Wiggle Home for Wayward Dogs - a private, non-profit organization working to help animals in need, educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering, and eventually put an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals in animal shelters.

PAWS Place - A 5 acre, no-kill, humanitarian facility, operating entirely on donations and volunteers, out of a love for animals. Paw's Place's mission is LIFE, and they pursue it four ways: They save pets; nurse them back to health; provide a sanctuary for those that are unable to be adopted; and most important of all, find them loving homes - no matter how long it takes. (Official website)

Pender Animal Rescue - An all volunteer group of shelter helpers providing foster care and adoption for animals from the Pender County Animal Control and other area shelters.

Pender County Health Department Animal Shelter  - Animal Control facility  with an adoption program located in Pender County.

Pender County Humane Society - A volunteer based non-profit organization funded by donations, memberships and fees. They are dedicated to improving the lives of homeless and unwanted animals by providing shelter and medical care while finding loving and responsible permanent homes. (Official website)

SOAR- Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue - A no-kill three acre private, humanitarian facility, operated entirely  by volunteers out of love for animals. It accommodates lost, abandoned and injured dogs and cats, giving our animal friends a chance at life, an opportunity to be loved and hopefully a new and loving adopted family.

SPCA of Cumberland County - A no-kill animal shelter in Fayetteville.  All pets that are adopted at the S.P.C.A. are neutered/spayed, up to date on their vaccinations, and are on flea preventative. (

Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington - An all volunteer foster program dedicated to the rescue and adoption of dogs in need.  They provide medical attention, training and spay/neuter to dogs who have been determined to be good adoption candidates. They make every attempt to adopt dogs to responsible, loving individuals and strive to inform the public about the importance of spaying and neutering and providing their pet with good medical attention, including heartworm prevention.

Tails U Win Dog Rescue - Their focus is on strays, injured and ill pups and dogs, they also work with Animal Control to take adoptable dogs who have run out of time and would otherwise be euthanized.

Topsail Humane Society - Their philosophy is to promote and implement aggressive neuter/spay programs to reduce the over population of unwanted pets. They do not euthanize healthy adoptable pets to make room for others.




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