Consider This: Adopt a Shelter Dog

It's no secret there are a lot of dog-lovers here at WECT. Sure, there are cat-lovers here too, but lately it seems that dogs have the largest share of our attention with the Michael Vick dog-fighting case and Reporter Sarah Warlick's investigation into issues at local animal shelters.

Sarah's story about Sweet Pea from 8 months ago is still generating e-mails, like this one received last week from Lori Rousch of Hillsborough, Ohio, that says, "I applaud your efforts; in particular your courage to put the truth about pet overpopulation out there with your Sweet Pea story."

We've made a commitment to maintain a focus on the plight of shelter animals and that's why we want you to know that October is the ASPCA's "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month."

With nearly 10 million animals entering local shelters across the country each year, many of them face euthanasia because there are not enough caring homes for them.

"Adopt a Shelter Dog Month" was created to promote shelter animals as "the first option for pet adoption." If you're ready to add a dog, or a cat, to your family, look no further than your local animal shelter. There you'll find loving dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, from playful puppies and kittens to already-trained canine and feline "senior citizens," just waiting for a forever home.

If you're set on a certain breed, about 25 percent of shelter animals are purebred, but mixed-breed pets are just as fun and loving, and are often healthier.

There's a shelter near you.

We've posted a list of them on with this commentary. Or you could pick up a copy of Paw Prints Magazine or visit to see pictures and bios of dogs and cats awaiting adoption at local shelters.

Here at WECT, we practice what we preach. These are my shelter rescue dogs. Val was adopted nine years ago from a shelter in Springfield, Missouri, and Baxter, our three-legged "wonder-dog" adopted from the Topsail Humane Society eighteen months ago.

At WECT, we believe every month should be "Adopt a Shelter Pet Month."

That's what we think. Tell us what you think. kd

Click the link to the right for information on local animal shelters.

Click the link to the right to view pictures of adopted pets owned by WECT employees.