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Justin LaNasa

Name: Justin LaNasa

E-mail address: lanasaformayor@yahoo.com

Candidate/personal Web site: www.myspace.com/lanasaformayor

Office sought: Mayor of Wilmington

Political affiliation: Unaffiliated

Date of birth: Nov. 6, 1970

Occupation: Tattoo artist, real estate broker, business owner, laser technician, laser safety officer.

Education: Basic studies, basic Army and Coast Guard training, Laser Safety and Usage, real estate, various blood born pathogen and cross contamination prevention cources, federal law enforcement, and firefighting training.

List your prior political experience: I have no political experience at taking bribes, misleading the public, or spending the people's money senselessly. So I have none . . . Seriously though, no, I have no actual political experience, I have experience with people. That, in my opinion, is what it means to represent the people. I'm out there, everyday, with the common man, and to me, that's the most important experience you can have.

Where were you born?: York, Pa.

How long have you lived in the municipality where you seek office? Off and on since 1991

Top four civic activities/hobbies: Car shows, World of Warcraft, water sports, music

Last book read: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Favorite movie: 300

Favorite food: None listed

Role model: I've never really had a "role model" per se. Throughout my life I've pretty much made my own way, never really wanting to be cast in anyone else's shadow.

Most admired politician: Dennis Kucinich

Type of car you drive: Hummer H/1

Your strongest attribute: Steadfastness

Something unusual about you that few people know: Prior federal law enforcement
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