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Kristi Tomey

Name: Kristi Tomey

E-mail address:

Candidate/personal Web site:

Office sought: Wilmington City Council

Political affiliation: Independent

Date of birth: March 7, 1969

Occupation: Information Technology Project Manager at IBM

Education: Attended Campbell University, Licensed Real Estate Broker

List your prior political experience: I have worked on several local and state wide campsigns.

Where were you born?: West Memphis, Arkansas

How long have you lived in the municipality where you seek office?: I have lived in Wilmington for 6 years.

Top four civic activities/hobbies: Carousel Centers: Show Entertainer Reba - 2005 Petulla Clark - 2006, Lower Cape Fear Hospice: Little Fools volunteer coordinator, I enjoy weight lifting, fishing and boating.

Last book read: Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts. I love to read. Mysteries and love stories are my favorites.

Favorite movie: Roman Holiday: Staring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

Favorite food: burittos

Role model: My grandmother. She raised 4 children alone and worked a full-time job in the south, during an era when there were very few women in the workplace. She's the toughest lady I know with the greatest gift for humor. I strive to have her drive, determination and live her example of enjoying everyday life.

Most admired politician: Ronald Reagan

Type of car you drive: Convertible Mustang GT

Your strongest attribute: Working with people. I work with a wide variety of people in every country in the world. I understand how to find commonalities to work for a common goal. I am committed to working with the Mayor, members of Council and the County Commissiners to maintain a positive and effective relationship to solve problems and move forward.

Something unusual about you that few people know: I strive to live a healthy lifestyle. I eat well and workout daily. I am taking my fitness goals to the next level by competing in my first show on Sept. 22. Wish me luck
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