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Andrew Koeppel

Name: Andrew Koeppel

E-mail address:

Candidate/personal Web site:

Office sought: Wilmington City Council

Political affiliation: Republican

Date of birth: Oct. 9, 1943

Occupation: Realtor, Author

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College; Master of Arts from City College of New York

List your prior political experience: 2003 - Now Chairman - 7th Cong. Dist., Board of Directors - State Rep. Party

Children: Jean Koeppel, 34; Thomas Koeppel, 33;Christopher Koeppel, 33

Where were you born?: New York

How long have you lived in the municipality where you seek office?: 10 Years

Top four civic activities/hobbies: Wave Transit, Board of Directors; Wilmington Downtown, Planning Committee; Elks; Knights of Columbus

Last book read: The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

Favorite movie: American Graffiti

Favorite food: Salmon

Role model: Grandfather

Most admired politician: Ronald Reagan

Type of car you drive: Chevrolett

Your strongest attribute: Perseverance

Something unusual about you that few people know: I appeared as a Minister in the TV program Dawson's Creek
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