Lil Wayne Concert Controversy

WILMINGTON -- Controversial rap artist Lil Wayne, will not be performing in Wilmington on October 15.

The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter was scheduled to perform at New Hanover High's Brogden Hall on October 15.

The school district, which rents the facility for events, has revoked the concert permit after learning about the rapper's act.

Controversy has followed the rapper.

The fight that ended in the death of ECU student Sam Flinn this past weekend, was started after Flinn's friend and two others got into a fight over Lil Wayne's sexual orientation.

Wayne was pictured kissing fellow rapper Brian "Baby" Williams." Wayne called the kiss a father-son kiss.

Lil Wayne is also being sued by two women who were involved in a stampede at a concert held at Morgan State University.

"We have to look out for our facilities and make sure that it's not damaged, and that this is something wholesome. So we got a few calls, and determined the application had different stuff in it than was planned, and that's why it's been cancelled," said New Hanover County Athletic Director Joe Miller.

Reported by Joe Keiley