Final Election Forum

WILMINGTON -- Candidates for Wilmington mayor and city council sparred on Wednesday night over the issues of the convention center and the water and sewer.

The two city council incumbents, Laura Padgett and Pat Delair took most of the heated questions from the audience. But one issue divided the 12 candidates in half, and that question was whether the convention center will succeed or fail.

In the lightning round, all city council candidates agreed that there should be more involvement with the New Hanover County Schools.

As for the mayoral candidates, former mayor Harper Peterson and current mayor Bill Saffo also faced off on the issue of the convention center, an issue that draws a sharp divide between the two. Saffo, a supporter of the convention center, admits that the issue divides the residents of Wilmington as well. He believes half of the citizens are against the center and the other half support the center.

With the election for city council and Wilmington mayor on October 9, there are less than two weeks to decide on which candidates to support.

Reported by Kim Gebbia