Internet Debate with Democratic Candidates

WASHINGTON -- The Internet is full of do-it-yourself projects and the latest one takes advantage of the political season with a build-your-own Democratic debate.

And it seems to be a success, attracting more than one million viewers in the 10 days it has been posted on the Web. Many of the viewers have been young people drawn to the interactivity of the Internet.

It also turns out the most popular participant was not a candidate, but comedian Bill Maher who asked one of four questions posed to each of the eight candidates.

He attracted viewers 42 percent of the time. He quizzed the hopefuls about the Ten Commandments, marijuana legalization, the relative dangers of sugar, coal dust and terrorism, and the climate-changing impact of cows.

Yahoo, and conceived the format, which allows viewers to watch who they wanted in whatever combination.

The debate was taped about two weeks ago and posted to the three Internet sites.

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