9/11 Motorcade Through Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A group of retired New York City firefighters living in the Carolinas remembered 9/11 in Brunswick County.

The FDNY retirees hosted a memorial ceremony at the Victory Garden on the campus of Brunswick Community College.

A flag that flew over the east gate of ground zero was raised during the ceremony.

Local leaders shared their remembrances of the day.

The Firefighter's Association says that six years later, the memory of those who gave their lives grows stronger.

"There is a price for freedom, a price for peace and safety, and the people that we remember are the ones who put their lives on the line to maintain that," said Capt. Larry Tracy, a FDNY Carolina Retiree.

The firefighters started early on Tuesday with a mass in Myrtle Beach and then traveled in a motorcade through Brunswick County.

Reported by Joe Keiley