Draining Pools Can Conserve Water

WILMINGTON -- The city of Wilmington is saving money by draining the city pools.

Officials are emptying out 600,000 gallons of water from the pools.

Instead of flooding the sewer system which is currently being repaired, the water is being used to irrigate the surrounding parks.

The city says along with keeping the load off the sewer system, irrigating the surrounding parks with the pool water will help with water conservation efforts and save taxpayers money.

Officials say the best part is that pool owners can also get in on the savings.

"The great thing about this is that the average homeowner can do the same thing if they have a pool and they could not only adhere to the stage one conservation but they could save water and save themselves some money, it's a really great idea," said Malissa Talbert from the city of Wilmington.

Pool owners can buy attachments for their pool pumps at local home improvement stores.

Reported by Kim Gebbia