Consider This: Hiring Procedure

Any time an employee leaves WECT, we begin a structured hiring process.

We post the opening internally and on our website, we advertise the position, reach out to diversity agencies that have requested our job listings, review resumes, call references and interview the most qualified candidates.

Then we make a hiring decision.

Our hope, like any other company trying to fill a vacancy, is that we will end up hiring the best person for the job.

Not everyone has the same hiring process.

The difference between the private and public sectors never ceases to amaze us.

The New Hanover County School Board promoted Interim Superintendent, Al Lerch, to the Superintendent position, and they did it without going through a formal hiring process.

There was no nationwide search, no hiring of a consultant to screen candidates and no input from the tax-paying public, many of them, parents of the students the Board represents.

Now we're not saying that Dr. Lerch is a bad choice, he is a known commodity who has served the district well for a quarter century.

The problem is there is no way for us to say that he was the best choice, and our concerns seem to be heightened by the unusual way he was hired. It looked like a backroom deal at a Board work-session meeting held on a Saturday morning with few parents in attendance.

We're not alone in questioning the hiring method, three members of the school board voted against his appointment and members of the PTA have publicly voiced their concerns.

Now that he's got the job, we wish him well, but we think the way this came about was a disservice to him, teachers, students and their parents and the taxpayers of New Hanover County.

People will always question whether he was the best choice and why the Board made their selection this way.

That's what we think, tell us what you think. (dw)