S.A.M.E. Codes For Programming Weather Radios

SAME, or Specific Alert Message Encoding allows you to specify the particular area for which you wish to receive alerts. Most warnings and watches broadcast over NOAA Weather Radio are county- or independent city-based (parish-based in Louisiana), although in a few areas of the country the alerts are issued for portions of counties. Since most NWR transmitters are broadcasting for a number of counties, SAME receivers will respond only to alerts issued for the area (or areas) you have selected. This minimizes the number of "false alarms" for events which might be a few counties away from where you live.

Below is a list of counties and their S.A.M.E. codes for your WECT First Alert Midland All Hazards Weather Radio.  The counties we have listed are the majority of the counties within the WECT Viewing area.  If your county is not listed, please click on either of the links to the left.  The links will take you to a list of all county codes for either North Carolina or South Carolina.  There is also a link to the county codes for anywhere in the United States.

New Hanover037129

Pender 037141

Brunswick 037019










Horry, SC045051