Consider This: Sports Heroes

As I tape this commentary, it's Barry Bonds' Day in San Francisco. Home run number 756 broke Hank Aaron's 30-year-old record amid questions about Bonds' possible use of steroids.

Remember when we looked up to our sports stars as heroes?

Of course that was before Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for operating a dog-fighting operation, Carolina Hurricanes' star Eric Stahl was arrested on "drunk and disorderly" charges, the steroid use allegations of some of baseball's biggest names and the "doping" allegations in the Tour De France.

Just today in sports news we read about the New York Knicks player arrested and charged with "reckless driving" and the trial of a University of Northern Colorado backup punter accused of trying to kill the team's starting punter in a bid to get his position as starter.

It makes one ask, "Where are today's sports heroes?" Players with character and integrity like Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn who were recently named to baseball's Hall of Fame. Hometown sports heroes like former NFL Quarterbacks Roman Gabriel and Sonny Jurgensen who were inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame last year and will be honored with the naming of the playing surface at Legion Stadium as Jurgensen-Gabriel Field at an upcoming New Hanover High Wildcats game this fall.

Sports figures have long been role models for our young people. Let's hope there's a new batch coming up that are deserving of that title.

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