Rise in Red Light Fine

WILMINGTON -- The city of Wilmington set up 13 red light cameras throughout the city.

Over the weekend, the state house passed a bill increasing the fine for running a red light from $50 to $75.

From the money collected, 95% of the money goes to public schools in the state. The rest goes to the city.

Even with this potential increase in revenue, one city council member says it's still not enough for the city to maintain the cameras.

"The city will see a whopping $2.50 more then we have been seeing. The total of the five dollars and the $2.50 is still less that half it costs us to administer the program, " said Wilmington Mayor Pro Tem Jim Quinn.

City Council Member Jim Quinn says the city is getting only $7.50 from each ticket.

To keep the red light cameras clicking, Wilmington taxpayers will pay close to $160,000. If you obey the lights, that's all you'll pay.

The bill still has to pass in the senate and be signed by the governor before it goes into effect.

Reported by Max Winitz