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More Subpoenas Issued in Hewett Case

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- The U.S. attorney's inquiry into Sheriff Ron Hewett's office is expanding.

More subpoenas are being issued.

Monday afternoon several of Sheriffs Hewett's deputies were served with subpoenas.

This is the third time employees from the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department have been asked to testify before a federal grand jury.

Back in June, the department was served a subpoena seeking documents pertaining to Sheriff Hewett's campaign.

It's still not clear why the sheriff's office is being investigated.

"There is a strong possibility we will get future requests for subpoenas if we do we will produce whatever he is asking for," said Brunswick County Attorney Huey Marshall.

Although the sheriff's office isn't saying much, there is a possibility that the deputies will testify sometime in August.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara

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