Harper Peterson and the Convention Center

WILMINGTON -- Harper Peterson once again gears up for a campaign that begins with the admission of a mistake.

The former Wilmington Mayor who wants the job again, speaks about the planned convention center. A project he once supported but no longer does.

"I take responsibility for that, but it was a mistake, our charge was to look at the convention center and if it would make money for the area, but it's not going to," stated Peterson.

Peterson's opponents include convention center supporter and current Mayor Bill Saffo and tattoo parlor owner Justin Lanasa.

Peterson says that's not his only issue.

He says he's joining forces with council hopefuls Jeffrey Kohl and Kevin Delahunty.

They signed a "contract with Wilmington" which is essentially a promise to fix what they call the misplaced priorities of Saffo and some council members.

Those so called misplaced priorities include ending the newly created city and county Water and Sewer Authority.

"This is about making a firm commitment, putting it down on paper for people to see," council hopeful Kevin Delahunty said.

"We have to have a new course," Peterson added.

Peterson says that he's against the convention center today because it's not the same vision he supported while in office, but for those who still see good things from the convention center, they say the future is very bright.

The chamber of commerce and downtown business leaders endorse the convention center at a news conference aimed at rebutting Peterson. They say the center shouldn't be a political issue.

Reported by Joe Keiley