A New, Legal High for Kids

NEW HANOVER COUNTY --  A legal drug is getting kids high, and it's widely available in New Hanover County.

Salvia is a dangerous drug that can have deadly consequences.

The drug is sold as an incense but is also used to get high. In fact, it's commonly called legal LSD.

"We do sell Salvia here. It's very popular," Casey Miner, manager at Expressions Tobacco Shop off College Road said.

Miner's store carries Salvia and says it's sold daily at the shop. She also warns of the drug's effect.

"It can take you to a place where you're not even aware of your surroundings. You don't want to take it and walk through your third floor window," Miner added.

"Cosmic Ray," a Wilmington resident, describes his experience when getting high on the substance.

"It's a rush, a frightening extreme. It's soul transportation," Ray explained.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration lists Salvia as one of its drugs of concern.

Salvia was orginially used by ancient tribes in Mexico and South America as part of religious ceremonies.

But, the drug's sudden popularity suggests it may be used for something other than religious ceremonies.

So far five states have banned the substance but North Carolina is not one of them.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara